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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back after time out

Hi  sweet friends !

I have been absent for a while , I needed to take some time off and just be .
We actually took a week off both of us and went on a sunholiday : ) .
I felt so exhausted and tired and down , I was struggling with so many things .
What I was feeling Nan describes so well  in her latest post as an emotional overload - thats how I felt - I had to struggle to keep myself together , my pulse rate was high , my thoughts were just a mess .I used to wake up in the morning and feel how my heart was beating fast and I felt so stressed which is not how I normally am.

So we sent off  for the week , booked a nice last minute hotel  near the beach and just RELAXED ....
It took a few days for me to actually be able to relax but eventually even I started to enjoy the ocean , the pool , the sunshine , dinners  for two with Dave and just BE ....
Today we are back - I have missed  blogging and emailing my friends and I have a lot to catch up with but it feels good to have people to catch up with , I am so blessed to have met wonderful people that care.
I will write more later just wanted to give a sign of life   ; )