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Friday, March 12, 2010

First post


I decided to start my own blog after hesitating for a long time .
Do I have something to say here ? Can I add something meaningful ?
I dont know , but today I feel I want to be able to share my thoughts and maybe get some feedback from others.
Blogging is new to me but I have followed my friends blogs here , friends that I have never met in real life but that I care about very much and that have helped me through so many hard days.
I have met them through the website " ourmiscarriage" that I found one day when I was very sad and down after suffering a miscarriage in May 2009 .I had a missed miscarriage at w 7 + 4 but I thought I was nearly 11 weeks pregnant at the time when it happened .This was our first pregnancy and it was so devastating to have the joy of pregnancy terminated .

Less than 3 months after, in early August 2009 , my father passed away.

The last year has been one of the worst in my life, the dreams I had for my life were crushed and I have cried a lot but at the same time my heart was filled with thankfullness and hope as I have got so much support and care from girls being in a similar situation .I never thought it was possible to get so much help from people you have never met in real life .
I consider it magic , or a gift from God .
I came to realize that the people that were closest to me , my family and my friends didnt know how to handle my situation , didnt know how to comfort me and I have understood that if you havent experienced a loss yourself its very hard to understand how it feels like for someone else.

Since the summer 2009 I have followed four beautiful woman through their journeys in life , woman that I met on the website " ourmiscarriage" and that have become very close to my heart ,to know them has made me a better person and has helped me to cope with my grief .
I am not a native english speaker but I still want to try to post in english as I want to be in touch with the wonderful people I have met .
Me and my husband are now trying to conceive again but it hasnt been as straight forward as I thought - nearly six months has passed since we started to try but still no positive HPT .
I try to stay patient as I know that sometimes it can take some time and we havent tried for a year yet but ideally I would want to see that plus sign ASAP....
I thank God for having met people that understand me and " walk" through this journey together with me even if our journeys are different .

Thank you Andrea ,Deni, Nancy and Shandrea for sharing your thoughts and giving me inspiration to stay hopeful and positive , you are the best friends I could have wished for.
You understand , you care to pick me up when Im down and you can make me laugh and make me see the positives .
I wish we could meet up on a regular basis and talk , laugh but also cry if we need to, I know we would enjoy eachothers company.
This is only a dream now as we live in different states and on different continents but I am so happy to know you and to be able to share my life and thoughts with you.

Love Angie


  1. Sweet Angie,

    Wow! How wonderful that you have started your journey with the wonder women of the blogosphere! Welcome :)

    First, let me say that you amaze me! Your writing is beautiful and I'm so happy you are here with "us". Blogging has been my thourough fare through some very difficult times and has saved my sanity on many occasions.

    I too, wish that we could meet up for a coffee and for a hug on days that we are blue. Maybe we don't have the opportunity in person, but I'll take it virtualy for now. My life is better for having met you and I look forward to traveling this bumpy road to "success" WITH you. We are going to make it!

    And, I am sooooo happy to be the first to comment on your blog! It looks amazing :)

    Much Love to you Always,

  2. Welcome to the blog world! Your post is beautiful and i can't wait to hear what you have to say. Wishing you love and peace through this blog. HUgs and Love:0)

  3. Oh yea!!! I'm so thrilled you're blogging. You're just so precious to me and I'm over joyed to share this part of our world! Welcome to blogland, you're gonna love it! Beautiful post, just beautiful!! Hugs my sweet Swedish friend!!

  4. Hi honey! Welcome!!! It looks beautiful!!!

    I am soooooo proud of you for getting this together and I thank you for keeping it in English :) hehe...

    We are all so happy that you are our friend, and you will receive even more love and support here. You will almost have something to say, and when you don't, thats ok too.

    Love and hugs always!!! Nan xxxooo