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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo of angelversary plants

This is what I made for our angleversary .
As we dont have a garden I wanted to plant a symbolic tree in a pot and add some beautiful flowers to remind me of our angel.
Our angleversary was on the 20 th of May but it took me some time to take a photo and post it here.


  1. So beautiful! What an amazing way to honor your sweet angel! It must bring you such peace to look at it everyday because you will always be reminded of your perfect angel.

  2. I love the arrangement. It's gorgeous and a beautiful way to honor your angel.

  3. That is beautiful and your blog looks so beautiful! I know you're missing sweet Adam! I'm thinking of all our sweet babies up there and praying they are playing and feeling no pain!!

  4. Sweet Friend,

    I think you honored your angel perfectly. The tree is perfect, as are the petunias and they will bring you many smiles :)

    As for your blog, I like the new look...I love pink!

    I'm praying that you are having a nice weekend...know that I send you love and prayers.

    Much Love,

  5. It's beautiful and so is your new look....lifting you in prayers!!!!

  6. Is that a flowering tree? Regardless, I love it so much!!!! And your blog looks awesome....Im so glad you are drawing from some great things on this you xxx

  7. Angie,
    I had to come by and let you know i love you. Your support and kind words have been amazing. Sending you lots of love right back.