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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We have a plan : )

Tonight I feel so much better : )

Im tired after all the stress and worrying before going to the RE.
But Im so reliefed to have had my questions answered by someone that is experienced in this area.

Our doctor took the time to answer all the questions we had so now my nerves have calmed down : )

How much I have worried since we got the results from the semen test !!! I havent been able to focus on anything else since then....
The visit to the RE was worth every " penny" !

He confirmed that there is not enough evidence yet on the SCFA DFI test but in our case the idea is that even if its too high its still likely that there is a lot of good " swimmers " anyway .
If there is about 100 million " swimmers " and 40 % of them have got defragmented DNA there should still be a few million that are ok was the positive words from our RE .
He didnt think it was pointless to try the "tradiotional" way for about 6 months but not longer because of my age as I am now 37 and shouldnt wait too long.
So the plan is to try by ourselves during the summer and if it doesnt work we go back to the clinic in August and then start IVF /ICSI.
So now we are very seriously trying : detox project is still on with green tea , no coffee no drinks and training at the gym a few times a week .WOW we work hard for this dont we ?
Who would ever have thought it takes so much work to have children ?


  1. Yea for hope!! Praying that things work out perfectly!

  2. Excellent news my sweet friend!!!! That is what we wanted, some hope! Glad you got it and that your RE was helpful and listened! Is hubby feeling better? I hope so! Thinking of you, sending you love and truckloads of sticky babydust!!!

  3. Hello Sweet Friend,

    I look at it like this....its not how fast you get to the finish line, but that you finish the race :) Now you have a plan and must feel so relieved. Breathe deep and try to relax and enjoy eachother. I'm so happy that you got good news and that you are feeling much better :)

    Be good to you and look at planning some more time away with Dave, as it does the soul good.

    Much Love and Prayers coming your way,
    Andrea xoxo

  4. glad you are sounding more positive, have fun in the next 6 months with your hubby! i hope you can conceive naturally , but if you can't we will be right here to hold your hand xxx anne

  5. I am so happy for you that you feel relieved! Isn't it a great comfort to know that you have a plan? It doesn't make you feel so helpless! Sending baby dust and prayers your way!

  6. Sending you hugs,
    i am glad you got some answers and some relief. I am praying for you and wishing you all the best which ever way life takes you. Sending you lots and lots of love.

  7. Doesn't having a plan just make you feel so much more secure? I mean, we know we don't have control in much, but it's SO nice to have a direction and a plan...a purpose and aim! SO exited for you! August will be here before you know it, and praying a little one on the way too...if not, though, LOTS of optimism about the ICSI/IVF!!!

  8. Amen sister...a plan, it's exactly what you needed to make you feel hopeful again, and I am so happy you feel good. I am sooooo glad the doctor was great! Keep writing out your thoughts and feelings and we will continue to cheer you on! And you are right, who would have thought it would all be so hard. Hugs and love, Nan xxx